ArraXceed develops custom biomarker panels, processes your samples and performs the analysis, delivering reliable tabulated results.


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Xceed’s low cost expression analysis system makes multiplexed gene expression profiling of many samples easy and affordable.

Xceed’s Array Services enables researchers to accelerate their expression programs at an affordable cost while providing the quality of results and reliability they would demand of their own laboratory.

Xceed’s Array Services provides a complete microarray service to investigators in disease research. Our Array Services experts will work closely with investigators to design custom arrays, prepare samples and produce high quality data that meets your specific research needs. Xceed will utilize the powerful Flow-Thru Chip® technology for fast results.

Customers can gain firsthand experience with the benefits of the Ziplex system by using Xceed’s gene expression array services. See for yourself why the Ziplex™ system and Xceed should be your choice for focused gene expression profiling.


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Products available in US and Canada for research use only.