Convenient-to-use Ziplex™ assay reagents for hybridization and detection on TipChip microarrays, and sample preparation reagents and protocols for cDNA synthesis and in vitro transcription.


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Convenient to use Ziplex™ assay reagent kit and sample preparation procedures. Xceed offers optimized reagents and procedures for use with the Ziplex™ system.

Sample Preparation Reagents

Xceed recommends reagents, materials and protocols for the sample preparation of total RNA to labeled cRNA targets. The sample preparation protocols provide step-by-step instructions for double-stranded cDNA synthesis and IVT amplification to produce biotin-labeled cRNA samples for analysis on the Ziplex™ system.

For convenience, we offer the Ziplex™ Biotin Labeling Kit (48 test). The kit contains all reagents necessary to process and label 48 samples for hybridization and analysis on the Ziplex™ system.

Ziplex™ Assay Reagent Kit

The Ziplex™ Assay Reagent Kit provides all necessary reagents for TipChip array hybridization, blocking, washing and detection. Packaged in one single convenient kit (48 tests) including instructions, the reagents are optimized for high quality and reproducible results. The reagents have been formulated for minimum handling and preparation, and quality tested for consistent performance.


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Products available in US and Canada for research use only.